CD Review

24 Hour Flu – “24 Hour Flu”

By Marcus Pan

24 Hour FluMade up of Matt Ogden, Andy Perkins, Kevin Poole and Joe Thompson, soundscape experimentalists 24 Hour Flu seek to explore varying melodies and textures within their self-titled debut. The overall feel is one of strangeness, shifting visions and it’s downright weird, permeating their music with sickening twists of synths, percussion and samples.

From the slowly building opening strains of Hole Receiver, 24 Hour Flu make it clear that this is going to be a sickly journey into a disease ridden landscape. Doing everything they can to create a feeling of unease, the group manages to capture a strange atmosphere within their music. The reverberating guitar (I think?) that joins seeks only to unnerve you as it forces its way to the top of the musical ensemble, blistering the loping attempts of movement into a static drawl.

The danger of their work is how it can easily get lost in the world of noise – even Hole Receiver building into a crescendo of crap as it nears its end. The sickly screaming adds more to this turdish flavor, losing its way from avante garde and stumbling blindly into utter bunk.

Reaper brings us into a nice autumn sunlight, while the lightly touched guitars are imbued with a sense of sadness and growing static builds a sense of dread that grows as Reaper flows. Rhythm changes completely rearrange the song until it sounds like it should be a new track – a little disconcerting, but the flavor of strumming guitars and meadows permeated with pollution remains. It dies a horrible death, but then tries to regenerate into a bleeding mass of off-kilter notes and subtle bleating tones.

Most noticeable of Skeleton, which follows, is the overbearing, boorish and unenjoyable yelling. It also tries to morph itself into different songs, but the screamer makes it return. The disembodied cut-up samples of Monotonous make for a weird piece of music, and the others that trail to the end of the album just attempt to become ever more sickening.

The end result of 24 Hour Flu is it flirts too much with chaos itself, becoming more a garbage ridden ensemble from what started as interesting twists of surreal diseased melodies. This becomes a full blown cancer of near-unlistenable noise. It’s not an album I’d find myself playing more than the few times it took to write this review, even if some of the tracks explore interesting territory at times.

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