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Angra – “Aurora Consurgens”

By Marcus Pan

Aurora ConsurgensWhat strikes me most about Angra is the guitars – you won’t find such brilliant lead guitar and solo work anywhere unless you roll back the clocks twenty or so years to such acts as Megadeth, Iron Maiden or (original) Metallica. Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt lead the guitar attack here with Angra. Edu Falaschi takes vocals, Felipe Andreoli on bass and Aqualis Priester on drums.

The name of Aurora Consurgens is taken from the title of an old manuscript many believe was written by St. Thomas of Aquin. Through the album the group explores relationships between alchemy and psyche, touching upon mental states, disorders and psychosis themes. Album artwork was created by Isabel de Amorim from Portugal. Angra is a brilliant album really – again I have to mention the guitars, being some of the best I’ve heard in a long time.

The Course of Nature is due to be Angra’s lead single for Aurora Consurgens. It will be available for download from the band’s website ( The music here is wonderfully crafted, complicated, excellently mastered and built. Angra’s furious metal style is a harbinger to the olden days when it was first discovered that guitars can wreck eardrums and pound amplifiers.

Edu Falaschi’s vocals are pure and powerful, bringing back memories of Bruce Dickinson in long standing dirges like Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner or Alexander the Great. The Voice of Commanding You’s guitar solo is fast paced and breaks into a chanting chorale that seems both out of place yet strangely appropriate, a nice switch up. Ego Painted Grey is one of my favorites, with its symphony stylings laid against heavy handed guitar riffwork. The guitar solos here are, again, fast paced, furious and brilliant. My old denim jacket can hear it up in my closet and is trying to break out and come downstairs to jam. Breaking Ties is the staple power ballad of the album, sure to remind all the 80s haired metal chicks what they missed. Abandoned Fate brings the album to a smooth acoustic close.

Overall Angra’s Aurora Consurgens is excellent in many ways. Well produced, brilliantly mastered, blistering guitar solos and great vocals and musical work all around. Anyone vaguely interested in metal would do well to pick this one up to remember the old skool days of guitar metal, done with modern mastering brilliance.

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