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The Faces of Sarah – “Lament”

By Marcus Pan

LamentOut of Britian, The Faces of Sarah’s Lament is the second album from these goth style rockers. Their style is a bit heavier than older skool goth rock, finding a nice blend of metal and gothic. The only problem I have with it is it doesn’t strike me as something I’m going to remember hearing a day or two from now, and I’ve tested this theory. This is one of those hard reviews to write – The Faces of Sarah do a good job, but nothing really stands out.

Lament is a strong album with great playing, though it can get easily lost in the shuffle with others of its ilk. They remind me a bit of The Last Dance[1], for example, or even Libitina[2]. This is their first album in five years, marking a long hiatus plagued with line-up changes and shopping labels.

If I Could I Would but I Can’t is a nice tune with backing keys and wall-of-sound style musical makeup. You Should Have Told Me is a nice, slow ballad with bright guitars and well done vocals by Nick Schultz. Sick and Tired is a favorite, with a catchy guitar riff. We’re treated to another smoothly played and brooding power ballad in the form of When the Mourning Comes, very well done and depressive. Wat D’ya Know is a faster catchy tune.

Overall, The Faces of Sarah do a good job at the goth rock thang. Mixing a bit of a heavier guitar than the old skoolers with a wall of sound style between those and the backing keys, it’s well produced and Nick’s vocals are excellent. But it can get lost easily in the mix of goth rock, not really having anything amazing here that will stand out in my memory.

Contact Information:
The Faces of Sarah
Post: Flat 4, 8 Chatsworth Rd., Croydon, London, CR0 1HA, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 07800749069
[1] Interviewed in Legends #139 and their latest, Whispers in Rage, was reviewed in Legends #139 as well.
[2] Libitina’s Parhelion was reviewed in Legends #161.

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