By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanI’m making a serious push to crank this issue out early—which actually translates into “on time” here in Legends Land. It would be nice to close the year on a high note—that note being a working schedule!

In an effort to do that, I’m running all the completed music reviews this month, so if you weren’t expecting your review for another month or two be happy. I’m also jumping the gun a bit on some things as I wait for the Horrorscope and Joey Headset columns for this month...but if they don’t arrive by the time the weekend gets here I’ll just jump them up a month. Of course that means this could very well be an issue of mostly music—with one of my latest fiction pieces, It Didn’t Occur to Him, being one of the only other things to show up.

My illustration staff is doing a bang up job lately and my review staff as well as myself are moving through things almost as they come in now ( it may be a couple weeks until I actually put your CD in the player, but that’s the way the ball bounces yo).

Come hell or high water, I’ll get this issue out soon after I write this. I still have 6 days of vacation before I kick off my new dayjob contract and I’m going to try to use that time to finish this issue and get back on top of coding the older issues at into the new format.

Without further adieu’ and all that ‘cal...

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine
November 22, 2006