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Grigori 3 – “Exile”

By Marcus Pan

ExileGrigori 3 have built a small following through their compilation and show appearances. They've been seen on stage with such acts as Genitorturers, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Bile and quite a few others. Exile is the band's debut release and if only other acts would take as much pride and time on their recordings as Grigori 3 I might not be so cranky of a magazine editor.

Grigori 3 are made up of Gwen Bartolini (vocals/programming), Justin Bailey (synth/sampling), Lindz (drums/percussion) and Ray R. Wise (guitars). They mesh surprisingly well together here for a debut release with solid musical breakdowns, stops and well honed mixing without overshadowing one another. They have some other friends join them in the studio on Exile, most notably vocals from Jewel and bass work from Drew Turnbaugh.

The make-up of Exile is electro-goth, with EBM styles mixed with industrial movements and rhythms. Gwen's vocals are a highlight, sultry and controlled with just a touch of diva. Even when Grigori 3 move into the heavier slamming movements, such as Visions, it's controlled and held in check without losing its cool. Awakening is a favorite with a nice guitar-key combination that feeds one another. The choir/synthwork is brilliant and lifts the track to a more climactic strength. The Latin chorus adds an otherworldly flavor.

Kindred is another industro-goth tune with windy synths, guitar riffs and a rhythm borne by bass. Shadows get a bit deeper into itself, Gwen calling through a haze surrounded by guitar riffs and electro-body programming. By halfway or so through Exile you do find a downside, as the tracks are all somewhat similar in make-up. There quite well done, but don't deviate much amongst each other making Exile a bit unmoving.

Feast (N.S.V.) is one of the faster paced and therefore a bit more enjoyable for me. Silently Breeding is a pretty piano dirge. Megotholis does a good job of mixing up a bit, by tightening the style and speeding up the tempo. A highlight to the Exile album.

Similar sounding tracks aside, Grigori 3 do a good job of the goth-industrial thing. All facets of the music are executed very well and Gwen does a great job of leading the group with voice and face. I'd like to see a bit more change-ups between tracks on future albums, with Ray taking on more movement in his guitar style and maybe the addition of a full time bassist.

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