CD Review

Heathcliff and Catherine – “Regina Della Notte”

By Marcus Pan

Regina Della NotteAttempting to blend poetry with classic and romantic musical forms, Heathcliff and Catherine’s three track Regina Della Notte comes to us from Italy. Regina Della Notte foreshadows the release of the group’s first full length expected in November 2007. For those interested, Regina Della Notte translates into Queen of the Night.

I don’t know what they are saying, but it’s very pretty. The combination of male spoken word, female vocals and modern electronic movements with classical style. It’s tightly controlled and has a nice complication without going overboard. The opening Regina Della Notte has a smooth bassline that leads into spoken word. Synthesizers help play the part of strings that back the words brightly and the percussion is simple but effective. I don’t know what he’s saying, but the intensity in his voice and the backing music grows.

Soli Deo Gloria is similar in style and make-up, including the male spoken word and the backing synthesizers. The strings aren’t found here though, instead a more trance-like melody takes the track. It’s a remix, mostly, of Reginal Della Notte, with some added movements. The final track here on the Regina Della Notte pre-release is an instrumental of the same.

There’s not much more to add really – Heathcliff and Catherine have a good command of music and style there’s after a modern EBM flavor mixed with old world romanticism. The new album is expected out in about a year so watch for it.

Contact Information:
Heathcliff and Catherine
Post: Via Taranio 25, Lotto B. Scala A, 00182 Roma, Italy