CD Review

Madwork – “Overflow”

By Marcus Pan

OverflowKind of standard fare, really, nothing jumps out at me much. Easily gets lost within the confines of other players in hard rock/alterna-rock genres. Null, for example, has a grungy feel to it, reminiscent of the already-established Soundgarden or Alice In Chains sound. World In My Hands opens with a subtle electronica style and goes into a power ballad.

Madwork shows a little funk in Leaving All Behind with some funky bass movements combining with well played guitar work. Memory is a Lie is another power ballad. I think I'm finding Madwork's vocalist a bit unfulfilling - he's the generic version of all the other alterna-rock vocalists I've heard. Certainly good, but nothing that differentiates him from the rest.

The overall affect of Madwork's Overflow is that it's nothing new. It's decent, it's a good listen if you like this genre, but if you're looking for something to take you further along musical progression you won't find it here. It's just good alterna-rock, a little grunge and a little electronica thrown in for good measure, but stagnates when placed in the mix that's already been overflowed for years now. I'm bored with it. That's why this review is so short.

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