CD Review

The Red King – “Somniforum”

By Marcus Pan

SomniforumI’m not sure about this one. It’s interesting, extremely artsy and avante-garde and makes a go at fusing old world styles, a Euro slant maybe, with modern electronics and musical movements. The press card says that the songs “mainline along the alchemist’s path and crash upon the opium trail.” I was going to pick up some opium and test this theory, but I’ve been terribly busy and horribly sick and am even already taking medication in the form of heavy antibiotics. I’m hoping the antibiotics will pretend to be opium as I write this, let’s see how it goes shall we?

There are seven tracks on The Red King’s Somniforum. I don’t have a track listing that was sent to me, just a card touting the benefits of Somniforum, so…track 1 opens with a nice chorale, piano melody sneaking about. It whines a bit – both with voice and guitar. It’s rather well put together though, building to a crescendo of chorus parts grown from a moving bass melody, fusing classical and modern industrial elements in a frenzy of mania and mind shattering anger.

Track 2 features another moving bass melody, flanged guitar and whispery Alien Sex Fiend like vocals. Surprisingly modern following the classically influenced first track. Track 4’s bassline is just as smooth while Track 6 is a meandering piece filled with slow loping vocals and classical chorales. The final closing piece, track 7, is a ridiculously long dirge of electronic bell-like tones that rarely change and was certainly not worth the 30 minute pressing slot.

The first six tracks here on Somniforum are worth listening to with their interesting coagulation of classical and modern industrial movements. The Red Kings have the talent to produce complicated and worthy spins. The last track though sounds as if the gang started up the recorder then went out for an extended lunch forgetting to shut off the looping Casio keyboard.

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