December, 2006


JOEY HEADSET: “Saving Micky D’s””
JOEY HEADSET: “Bring Back the TRANS Fats”
RANTICLES: “To All Who Oppose Canada in Afghanistan”
RANTICLES: “The Irony…”

It Never Occurred to Him


“The Paths of the Perambulator”
“Writers of the Future”

Twisted Sister – “A Twisted Christmas”
Madwork – “Overflow”
V/A – “.2 Contamination"
The Soil Bleeds Black – “Alchemie”
V/A – “Underground Metal Compilation Vol. 1”
Pink Turns Blue – “Phoenix”
Jed – “Sanctuary 200”
24 Hour Flu – “24 Hour Flu”
Skid Row – “Revolutions Per Minute”
Grigori 3 – “Exile”
Angra – “Aurora Consurgens”
The Faces of Sarah – “Lament”
That Man Fantastic – “Pop Songs For Art Films”
Stochastic Theory – “Opposite Extremes”
The Red King – “Somniforum”
Sol Invictus – “Sol Veritas Lux”
Heathcliff and Catherine – “Regina Della Notte”
Zombina and the Skeletones – “Death Valley High”
V/A – Section 44 Sampler
Provision – “Ideal Warfare”

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