By Rose

""Growing" is a butterfly -
A cycle of deaths;
As it greets each stage -
It says "good-bye" to the last.

He never looks back -
Only ahead,
And knows plenty of anxiety, hope -
And dread.

The egg is a womb -
That shelters and protects;
The creature knows nothing
Of it's life that's ahead.

The larvae is a child -
Inquisitive, innocent, and pure;
That nourishes of kindness, wisdom
And the need to explore.

The pupae is the adolescent
Changing and shaping -
Molding its unique design -
Craving to be set free.

The adult emerges
And dries its new wings.
He follows his path -
Whatever dangers there may be.

Only in its death can all stages
Be combined;
For it is only in death that
Brings the knowledge of life.