Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Last Warrior

By Jaken Steele

Greetings Readers,

My name is Jaken Steele and I'm a fellow traveler of the imagination, and compatriot to Marcus Pan, In the forthcoming issues of Legends, I shall be bringing forth chapters of a story which I call "The Last Warrior." I shall also be bringing forth my poetry, songs and other things from my twisted, sick way of viewing the world we live in.

My writings are not meant to be humorous, nor are they meant to shock people, yet if I have done either, then I have opened your mind to my way of thinking, which is my main objective.

I now leave you to my story. May the sun forever shine its light upon your face. Fare thee well my friends…


Chapter 1

As the sun began to poke its head up from the horizon, Janick Hearthstone looked toward the mountain range and wondered. "Wiill this be the day I find them," he thought, "or will the slaughter of my people go unavenged?" Janick the veteran had been in his home village of Mekos when the Zahn Horde had attacked and quickly butchered the village. He had been knocked unconscious at the beginning of the battle, and had been left for dead. Now as he stood on the hill in the early morning, a tear slowly made its way down his cheek as he thought of family and friends he would never see again.

A rising of voices behind him brought the veteran out of the daze he was in. He chuckled softly to himself as he saw Mylos the acolyte and Tyran the prestidigitator standing there, as usual, bickering about how to pack the horse. Mylos was of dwarven stock while Tyran was of elven stock; gray elf to be precise. His friends looked towards him as he spoke, "If all you two ever do is argue, we'll never get to find the Zahn Horde."

"I should think if we didn't find them," Mylos said sarcastically, "we might live to see our children be born."

"Before having children, you have to find a female desperate enough to stay with your dwarven hide forever." Tyran said. Mylos muttered something about elves only being good for target practice, and went back to packing his horse. Janick shook his head and smiled. "Those two will never get along," he thought. "It's a wonder that anything gets done considering all those two do is argue."

As they mounted their horses Janick figured they would reach the city of Shantar by mid-afternoon. "A human, an elf, and a dwarf riding together should at least cause a stir," he thought. "And today, maybe today I'll find them and avenge the death of my people." He could feel it in the air. Today was a day none of the three would soon forget.