Vox Populi

By Craig Winneker

A seven-year-old boy was on a plane at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport one evening and was scared about the flight. Fortunately, a kind man sitting next to him told him not to worry - that he'd flown planes over Vietnam and had even been shot down. This flight was a piece of cake. The man then presented the boy with a video documentary of his "Top-Gun" fighter plane exploits and instructed him to "share this with your brother."

After the flight, as the man, California Rep Randy "Duke" Cunningham, was getting off the plane, he was cornered by an acquaintance who had overheard Cunningham's soothing conversation with the boy. He asked why Cunningham didn't tell the youngster that he was a Congressman.

Cunningham replied, "I wanted the kid to like me."