Well, friends, I hope, sincerely, that Legends 19 has been enjoyable. I would like to give a final farewell to Rose - we're done with all her work. There are no more illustrations from her left. As a matter of fact, I have NO art left, so all you artists better put pencil to paper and draw!

I have a question for my readers. What do you all think of Legends' spacers? Would you like to see more?

Well, coming in issue 20 we present our "Series Spectacular." Jaken Steele continues the saga of Janick and his friends in "The Last Warrior" Chapter 3. I, Marcus Pan, take you back to the Shirelands in Albinor Chronicles Chapter 10, "Clash of the Wardens." Also, I bring you an ancient elven song with "Song of Cannolbra," the Song of Albinor Number 7. Dawn McCall returns with Tira's saga, "Gelfling Hand" Chapter 2. And there's much more coming your way in September, 1992!

So, until then, fare thee well from your friendly, neighborhood Celtic. And peace to thee as well.

Marcus PAN