Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Last Warrior Chapter 2

By Jaken Steele

The sun rode high in the air and the heat pounded the three riders as they made their way toward Shantar. It was slightly past noon and the city loomed in the distance. Janick rode in the center with Mylos and Tyran flanking him. He kept a watchful eye for daggers, arrows and various other objects. They were his friends, but that didn't stop them from hating each other. "Put a dwarf and an elf together," he sighed to himself, "and one never knows what will happen."

As they rode on, they came upon a group of bodies lying about. There were thirteen in all, and all were quite dead. One could tell by the carts that these people had at one time been merchants, but everything now was either broken or burned. The three dismounted and began to look around.

Suddenly, they heard Tyran scream, "Those heartless, blood thirsty bastards! I'll kill them all with my bare hands!" Janick and Mylos ran to Tyran's side.

"What is wrong friend?" Janick asked.

Tyran pointed at the body in front of him and whispered, "Look." The two looked down and saw the body of a woman who was very much with child. She was also elven. Mylos touched Tyran slightly on the arm.

"I am truly sorry my friend." Mylos spoke. Tyran looked and saw genuine sympathy in the dwarf's eyes.

Janick thought to himself, "Maybe there's hope for them after all."

After mounting back up the three continued down the trail toward the city. As they arrived at the gates two guards hailed them, "Welcome to our fair city. Please state your name and reason for arrival."

Janick spoke, "He is Mylos Longbeard and the other is Tyran Whisperwind. I am Janick Hearthstone of the Mekosians." The guards looked at each other in bewilderment.

One spoke, "There are no more Mekosians. The village of Mekos was destroyed."

"Very true," Janick said, "but the Zahn Horde were inept about the destruction of my village…I survived."

"If you plan on going after them, you would do better to just kill yourself now." The other guard said.

"No, I will not rest until my people have been avenged," Janick spoke. The guards shook their heads and allowed them passage into the city. For the first time since leaving the scene of the slaughter Tyran spoke. "The sun has fallen, and night shall soon be upon us. Let us soon find food and shelter."

Mylos quipped, "That's the smartest thing you've said all day, elf."

Tyran went to speak, but Janick held up his hand. "Mylos, Tyran, please don't bicker anymore. I've had enough for today. We must find shelter before the night falls upon us." His friends quickly agreed. None of the three noticed the lone figure clad in all black who had been following them since morning.