Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Songs of Albinor No. 6
"Battle of Drow"

By Marcus Pan

For the loss of king,
High elves raged.
A clash of armies,
They planned to stage.

Riding swiftly,
To evil's door.
Glamour leads,
Anger roars.

Through the forest,
Of Cannolbarth.
Marching in leagues,
They surged forth.

At the gates of Drow,
They raised their cries.
"Elves of darkness,
'Tis time to die!"

Glamour's blade,
Like faerie fire.
Flashed against,
The evil squire.

Sweat and blood,
And clash of steel.
Filled the air,
Many lives they steal.

But to no avail,
The dark was strong.
Forced them back,
Fought them long.

Escaping death,
Glamour calls.
Flash of blade,
And Hierla falls.

The high ones run,
The drow have won.
Evil has triumphed,
What's done is done.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 18.