RPG Gaming


By Marcus Pan

I have yet to find information on the supposed Assassin character's ability to assassinate with a single blow. Therefore, I have developed my own rules for this ability.

It is very simple and easy to understand and remember. Unless you're a mental midget, no rechecking of the rules is needed and it is easy to remember.

An assassin character has a 10%/level to assassinate with a single blow. The player must first state that he/she is attempting to assassinate an enemy. This can only be performed against a humanoid creature and the player must have initiative or surprise in that round. The base chance is 10% per level of the character and it is modified by the level or hit dice of the victim, I.E. a 5th level assassin has 50% chance to assassinate. He attempts to assassinate a 4th level fighter. The chances to assassinate drops to 25%, subtracting 5% per level of the fighter (25%).

If an attempted assassination proves successful with a percentage check, the victim must save versus Death Magic as a last resort. If they fail, they die. If they succeed, they simply take the appropriate damage.