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By Marcus Pan

When a character gains enough experience points to raise his/her level to the one above, this character, however, does not automatically rise to that new level. The character must spend game time and treasure to raise his or her level.

When sufficient experience has been attained to move up in levels of experience, a period of time must be spent in study and training. That period of time is 2 weeks regardless of the character's current level or class.

Also, 1000GP X level are also needed to be spent for materials and miscellaneous items for the conduction of training and/or study. The level multiplied by 1000 is the CURRENT level of the training character, NOT the actual level. Until both these items are met, the character is still effectively the original level. The FULL two weeks must be spent, and the full GP amount as well, or the character loses all benefits gained. If a character spend only one week, then stops to perform an adventure or service, everything that character has performed in that week is null and void…including the treasure spent on training.

Characters can halve their time needed to be spent in training or study for level advancement. This can be done by seeking out and finding a character of the SAME profession to train beneath. A character seeking apprenticeship must find a character of his/her profession that is at least three levels distant from that character when level is gained, i.e. a 1st level character seeking advancement to 2nd level needs a character of at least 5th level to train him/her, which is 3 levels above 2nd level, the character's level upon completion of training. By finding a trainer, the character can halve his time spent in training to 1 week instead of 2.

Scattered throughout Albinor are various places a character can train. Here characters can find trainers and pay an amount which is equal to the normal amount spent (current level x 1000). Trainers can be employed for 1 week periods and here, as well, the character gains the benefit of halving his needed allotment of time. Following is a list of these establishments and which characters can train in them.

Training Halle - fighters, rangers, cavaliers, barbarians
Church(1) - paladins, clerics
Coven - druids
Wizard's School - magic-users, illusionists
Monastery - monks
Thieve's Guild** - thieves, thief acrobats
Assassin's Guild(2) - assassins

If a character has gained sufficient experience points to raise himself/herself to the next level, he/she can NOT gain any additional experience until that level is trained for and gained. This rule is recently added and may cause a stir in the campaign. My reasoning is this:

Logically, how can a character gain enough experience to become a 2nd level character and then still gain yet more to have enough for 3rd level without already beginning as a 2nd level character?

Once a sufficient amount has been reached to raise that character to the next higher level, additional experience point awards are null and void until that next level is trained for and reached. The following I quote from TSR's AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide:

"Once a character has points which are equal to or greater than the minimum number necessary to move upwards in experience level, no further experience points can be gained until the character actually gains the new level."

(*) The church must represent the character's god or religion.
(**) The character must be a member of this guild