Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Gelfling Hand Chapter 2

By Dawn McCall

As I started off on my journey, I never felt so empty and alone for my master, Truo, had left me. The Great Conjunction, as my master called it, waits ahead for me to undo the nightmares and bring the great light back. Right now I am confused; master never finished what he was saying although he kept repeating, "Heal the crystal with the shard; the new world will begin." over and over again. He also said to look out for the skel-ins, for they will try to kill the last gelfling.

Meanwhile, at the lair of the Crystal Palace the skel-in's emperor is on his death bed. The remaining skel-ins have to decide who is going to be the next emperor. The ritual is Mastika. This is when two skel-ins fight it out, trying to get the biggest chunk out of unbreakable rock. The dungeon master and the master scientist fought. Two swings of his sword made victory for the master scientist to become emperor. The first order of the new emperor was to disrobe the dungeon master and throw him out never to return. At that time the Dark Crystal rang out a warning. In a hurry, the skel-ins moved. Inside the crystal they saw Tira traveling alone; and they knew that he, alone, was a danger to them. One of the skel-ins burst out, "We can't let the prophecy come true, 'the two made one by gelfling hand.'" The new emperor screamed for the masters to wake and kill the gelfling.

Following the suns, Tira met up with Augra, the keeper of secrets, who knows the stars quite well; and the Great Conjunction. She helps Tira find the right shard by playing three high-pitched notes from his flute. After finding the shard, the masters crashed through the wall of Augra's home, destroying everything she had created. Augra was captured and brought back to the Crystal Palace.

Running hard, Tira heard Augra's observatory burst into flames. Inside, he hoped Augra was safe from harm. Unsuccessful, the masters returned without the gelfling.

Exhausted from running, Tira dropped to the ground to sleep. Waking several hours later, he found himself sleeping in the arms of a creature just like him, only female. 'I thought I was the only one,' he thought to himself. Realizing the unfamiliar presence, Tira jumped. Scora reacted the same way as Tira fell into a puddle. Scora grabbed his hand. Dream fasting occurred, their minds telling each other the details of their past lives.