RPG Gaming

Building Armies

By Marcus Pan

The simplest and cheapest way to build an army is to wait. That is, upon year-ending in Albinor, a country's will either increase or decrease. However, this takes time and time is precious during war.

The other way to amass an army is to buy one. A D100 is rolled and this is the number of men who join when word is put out for an army. This can be done only once a year and is quite costly. The price is 1000GP per head.

All soldiers coming into an army start as "basic" soldiers. A basic soldier has the following:

3rd level fighter
chain mail (AC=5)
longsword (DAM=1D8)

They also have basic supplies (food, clothes, etc.). Anything else must be specifically purchased by the PC (lanterns, mounts, weapons, etc.)