Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Gelfling Hand Chapter 3

By Dawn McCall

In the lair of the skel-ins, sog people were having their essence drained from their bodies to be turned into slaves. The essence is then made into a potion to make the emperor look young once more. Looking into the mirror, he watched his grotesque face change before him. He was pleased at first, but the horror came back once more. In extreme anger, the emperor threw the vial against the wall, the glass shattering to pieces. Not satisfied, the emperor screamed, "Catch that gelfling! I want his essence!" The nasters came to life once more to look for their prey.

Back in the dark woods, Scora led Tira back to where she lived. When they arrived, Scora and Tira were greeted by Scora's family and friends. Scora explained in her dream fasting that her mother was killed when all the skel-ins attacked their village. The sog people found her and took her in as one of them. Singing, dancing and laughter was brought to an end as soon as the nasters broke through the walls of the village. Tira and Scora knew what the oversized, beetle-like creatures wanted…them. Scora took Tira by the hand to get away from the danger. Away from harm, Tira realized the shard was menacing and dangerous. "I wish I never see this shard ever again!" he yelled as he threw it some distance. As Tira and Scora discussed the Great Conjunction and the danger it involved, they were not aware that the disrobed dungeon master was following them.