RPG Gaming


By Marcus Pan

Immortals of Albinor are just that…immortal. They can not be destroyed or killed. Immortals of this campaign include various gods, demigods, heroes, devils, demons and beasts. There are many immortals. However, a PC has yet to reach such a high state of existence and it seems likely that none ever will. However, if one of these PCs do happen to reach immortal status, he/she is subjected to the same rules and guidelines given here.

While immortals can not be killed, they can however be effectively banished. When fought, they can be destroyed in a sense, I.E. lowered to 0 or less hit points, and they are therefore banished from the plane on which they were killed for D100 years. If killed on their home plane, these immortals are then effectively removed from the game for that span of time, I.E. if Asmodeus is killed on the Prime Material Plane (homeworld of the PCs), he is effectively banished and unable to return to this plane for D100 years. However, he still exists on his own plane and other planes of existence within the multiverse. If he is however encountered on his HOME plane (Hell), he can be effectively "destroyed" and removed completely from play; unable to act, think or exist anywhere or anyplace for the same span of years.