Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Last Warrior Chapter 4

By Jaken Steele

"Your brother!" Mylos exclaimed. "I thought your brother was dead."

Janick spoke ever so slowly, "So did I."

"I think I should explain, dear brother." Santo said.

"Yes," replied Janick, "I think you should."

"When the Zahn Horde attacked," began Santo, "I was sliced open and passed out from shock. By the time I awoke the Zahn Horde was gone, and the village was in ruins. All the bodies were bloody or burned, and…" Santo's voice wavered, "I thought you were dead too. So for the past year I've been wandering from place to place with no direction."

"How," Tyran asked, "did you ever find us?"

"Well," Santo said, "I was in Tribion when you passed through two days ago and I learned of you asking around for people to join you on your quest. The only reason I didn't come forth sooner is because I first had to be sure it was really you." Santo finished. The tears then began to flow from his eyes as Janick embraced him. Tyran and Mylos crept from the room to leave the two brothers to their reunion.

When they rejoined the brothers some time later they brought much food and ale and there was a feast that lasted well into the night. When they awoke, it was late in the morning and they were eager to get started. Mylos and Tyran began to argue about which direction they should travel in, as Janick bitterly spoke, "Must you two start so damned early in the day? If you keep this going I'll tie you two both together until you learn to get along." Mylos muttered that he wanted to use Tyran as horse meal, while Tyran whispered to himself something about putting Mylos in a catapult ant pointing it toward the edge of a mountain.

Santo chuckled to himself and asked, "Are those two always like that?" Janick nodded. Santo smiled. "How do you stand it?" Janick managed a halfhearted smile.

"Sometimes I can't and I feel like feeding them to a band of orcs, but then I realized they weren't forced to join me. They did so willingly and for that I can forgive them."

"So," Mylos asked. "Which way Janick?"

Janick paused a moment then spoke, "West, past the mountains." As they rode west none of the four noticed the hawk that circled over them then flew on.

"What do you see, wizard?" spoke a black clad figure.

"The four are traveling west towards us, about two days travel." the wizard said. The black clad figure put down his shield bearing an all-black background with a red skull and a silver lighting bolt through it.

"Let the fools come for us," the figure spoke as he removed his great helm and let his black skin and silver hair glint in the sunlight. "Let them come and meet their death by the Zahn!"