StarWell, this issue turned out a tad longer than I anticipated. Oh well, as the quantity increases so does the quality (at least I like to THINK so…). I forward a quick apology to the extreme mushiness on page 12, but I warned you. Couldn't you see it coming with the poem's title, anyway? Besides, I couldn't resist (I'm a diehard romantic…so SUE me).

Big news, my children. I have done something I never expected to. Beginning in issue 23 (that's next issue, bonehead) I have added a new member to Legends' permanent staff. Jaken Steele is moving up to assistant editor. I believe he has shown the high levels of expertise, congeniality, interest and enthusiasm I once believed only I possessed (I am NOT conceited…just convinced). He has undertaken all aspects as I and done so rather masterfully. These aspects include gaming, writing, illustrations and (as you will see next issue) poetry. Besides, he is as mind-warped as I am (well, almost). Welcome aboard, Steele!

Well, till next issue my children…

Peace and fare thee well…



P.S. Steele, let some of that air out of your head. It's getting too damn BIG!