Lost in a Cloud

By Marcus Pan

CloudWalking alone since the day I could stand.
Reaching far out for a loving hand.
Through a black hole into a lonely land.
Why can't I find a soul to understand?

Floating around, nothing is as it seems.
All I have left are some private dreams.
Which way do I turn, how loud should I scream,
Before you hear me and come back to me?

Lost in a cloud,
No light no dark. Can't move around,
Can't find my heart.
What does it take,
To prove my feelings are true?
Do you want blood, babe?
Quit being so cruel.
Still searching…Searching for you.

I'm lost and alone, is this the way it should be?
Are you just blind, or do you not wish to see,
All of the pain you are dumping on me?
Fire with fire, you've set my anger free!

Cold to the touch, like snow and ice.
A barren land that is far from nice.
Afraid to reach out, don't wanna feel it twice.
The pain, the torment, can't you hear my cries?