Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Gelfling Hand Chapter 4

By Dawn McCall

After finding the shard, the two gelflings found an ancient ruin. The two found some hieroglyphs on the old wall. Tira knew what some of the writing meant, for his master taught him. He translated some for Scora as she sat in an ancient throne of the gelflings. Tira figured out that this was the ancient ruins of the old ones. He read the inscriptions:

When single shines the triple sun,
What was sundered and undone,
Shall be whole…the two made one,
By gelfling hand or else by none.

"And the shard, Tira! You must get it to the skel-in's castle and replace the shard in the Dark Crystal! You must save the world from the endless evil of the skel-ins." the excited Scora said. Scora turned around and saw the skel-in that had followed them. The dungeon master enticed them to "make a deal." Tira and Scora did not fall for his trick, knowing they would die. They ran off.

In order to get to the skel-in's castle, Scora called some land-riders. They are fast beasts and would attack the nasters if they happened into them.

Meanwhile, the mystics traveled to the castle in order for the prophecy to happen. One of the mystics looked up at the sky as the three suns grew closer and became stronger. If Tira heals the Dark Crystal, skel-ins and mystics will once again merge into one creature, the urskeks, and will ascend at last to a higher realm. The world, as they know it, will no longer exist and peace will prevail.

Tira and Scora came upon the bridge used by the nasters as the main entrance to the castle. The landstriders, knowing what to do, went to attack the nasters. Tira and Scora were thrown off the backs of the landstriders. A naster and landstridcer, locked in battle, plummeted into the ravine and smashed on the jagged rocks below. The gelflings were also knocked off the cliff, falling towards the rocks below. Tira noticed they were floating…Scora had wings! Ages ago female gelflings were able to fly, not just flutter to the ground.