Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Last Warrior Chapter 5

By Jaken Steele

The order to mount up and ride went through the ranks of the army in about a half hour. The 350 warriors in the army didn't know it, but their leader was very worried. The prophecy was coming to pass. Since the beginning of time it was said that four would come to destroy the horde. Even though he tried to deny it, Rylan Kinslayer knew that these were the four. Zyan Kinslayer, his brother and mage of the Zahn Horde, tried to comfort him. "How can only four men destroy an army such as ours?" he asked. "We would crush them like the bugs they are."

Rylan looked at his brother and spoke, "Wizard, you are an incompetent fool who knows absolutely nothing! Do you not remember the prophecy father spoke of on his deathbed?"

"Perhaps," Zyan spoke, "these are not the four."

"No," Rylan replied, "I myself try to deny it, but my soul says that is them of which the prophecy spoke."

Zyan was about to speak when a warrior came up to them and announced that the troops are ready to ride. They mounted up and headed northwest, toward the Wastelands. As they rode, Rylan knew that it would not be long before the four riders caught up to them. "And then," he wondered, "what will happen to us then?" Zyan spoke as if he read his brother's mind.

"Do not worry, Rylan. They will fall before us." Rylan nodded his head as if to agree with his brother, yet he knew in his heart that time is growing short.

As the sun began to set the order was given to stop and bed down for the night. Fires were lit, food was consumed, and men began to sleep. As his men slept, Rylan went to his pack and pulled out a small bag. He opened it and poured its contents out into his hand. In his hand were three brightly-colored gems of blue, red and black. "With these," he thought, "we might have a chance. Yet if I don't find the others all we fought for will be for nothing." He then fell into a restless sleep.