As always, I must say that I hope you enjoyed this issue of Legends. And we now close 1992.

One major change you will notice as Legends No. 24 reaches your hands in January 1993 is a decrease in the magazine's size. The past few issues have been pushing near 30 pages. The future issues will be more around 20. It's easier for me to handle. But a decrease in quantity in no way means a decrease in quality. The best of fantasy and game playing will be at your fingertips in future issues of Legends as always. You will also see more spacers worked into future issues as these are thoroughly enjoyed. The contents of future issues will be subdivided instead of chronological.

I wish to give a final welcome to my new assistant Editor, Jaken Steele. I'm also thinking of making Gina-Marie Legends' 1993 mascot (J).

Well, chummers, see you in '93! No coming attractions…I'll keep you in suspense until next year…