RPG Gaming


By Marcus Pan

I have been using the newest ability score proposed to AD&D. I have found it adds much to the campaign. Full rules on the comeliness ability can be found in the "Unearthed Arcanna" AD&D manual.

Comeliness is not actually an ability. It is a base score that describes the looks of the character. It is further modified by charisma, but is otherwise rolled in the same manner as the other six ability scores. I have found that using this ability in the campaign forces the players to role-play more and "get into" their character, so to speak. With NPCs and other beings in the game flocking to their good looks or abhorring their bad, it forces the ingenious character to either continue his/her acceptance or prove his/her worth. It leaves wondrous role playing possibilities.


If, for any reason, something happens to affect a PC's charisma, the same applies to their comeliness. This is because charisma, in addition to being mostly personality and leadership, also concerns a small amount of appearance in its definition.

However, if a PC's comeliness is similarly affected it does not affect the character's charisma in any way.