RPG Gaming


By Marcus Pan

In Albinor, healing occurs much more quickly than in other gaming worlds. Even without the aid of potions, spells and other helpful items a character can reach full strength in weeks or even days. Because of the dangerousness of Albinor, I have created a much quicker set of rules for healing.

For every sleep session a character gets, he/she will gain a certain amount of hit points. The amount is rolled randomly with the dice. The die to be rolled is determined by the character's hit die for his/her class or professions. For example, a fighter would roll a D10 and add this amount to his current hit point total.(*) Also, constitution bonuses, if any, are added to the amount rolled. This makes healing much quicker than the normal AD&D standard process to help combat against the relative higher level of the Albinoria Campaign.

(*) Multi-classed characters use the higher die (fighter/magic users use a D10 instead of a D4).