Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Songs of Albinor No. 9
"Rivers Infernal"

By Marcus Pan

Rivers InfernalScoring deep beneath the soil,
Infernal rivers travel.
Five in all they wind their way,
Through thick and darkest gravel.

Sorrowful and deep with grief,
Running black with crying waves.
Tis' the river Acheron,
Sobbing over heroes' graves.

Lament over all one's cares,
Flowing swiftly loud and deep.
Living cares she wipes away, C
ocytus the cares she keeps.

Fire inflamed with rage tears on,
Tis' Phleggethon torrent flame.
Caring not for kindness judge,
It's waters can not be tamed.

Flowing through oblivion,
Partaken by lifeless souls.
Drink of Lethe and forget all,
As deep 'neath earth she will roll.

Known and feared by most of all,
Border of the land of dead.
Blackened flood of deadly hate,
By Charon's boat cross Styx sped.

Flowing through infernal lands,
'Tis the five rivers of death.
Cocytus and Phleggethon,
Styx, Acheron, River Lethe.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 23.