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Why Hurt the Innocents?

By Marcus Pan

A white jury lets off a group of white cops for beating the pulp out of a black motorist. Not only did they have enough evidence, they also had a videotape of the incident that showed, plain as day, four white police officers beating the man, who lie on the ground, nearly to death with sticks. Is there any question as to the guilt of the four men? No matter. The case will be recalled before the federal court and I'm sure they will be convicted. Unfortunately, others thought it to be a much bigger deal. So what did they do? The same thing the police did to that man, except it was on a much larger scale.

Hours after the verdict was read and the streets became dark, a full-scale riot broke out in the city of Los Angeles, California. By saying, "not guilty" they've also said, "the life of a black man means nothing." I believe this...to a point. The people of L.A. struck back and by doing so has said, "the lives of all these people means nothing compared to the life of one black man." Fifty-five people were killed in that riot and who knows how many were hurt. Now we have an endless, bloody circle where everyone thinks they're better than the other. The blacks say a black man's life is worth more, the whites say the opposite. Where does that leave us? In a racial quarrel that kills!

What has this weekend of rioting accomplished? Nothing. As a matter of fact, it has done nothing but cause more problems for the United States of America. Now that you've burned and looted all the supermarkets, where will you get food for your tables? Now that you've burned all the businesses, where will you work? And now that you've destroyed so many homes, where will you sleep? How does it feel to have men with machine guns standing on every corner watching you? How does it feel to be misfits?

People who's businesses you have burned and plundered had nothing to do with the verdict. So why hurt them? You are all hurting the lives of innocent people. Also, I would not even be a bit surprised if they agreed in the idea that the police officers are guilty, albeit not to such violent extremes. By hurting your allies, you multiply your enemies. It's hypocritical.

Most of the people involved, I believe, paid no mind to the case. They joined to loot, steal and wreak havoc for their own benefit and fun. They didn't care why the riot happened. They only cared about how much they can carry off and how much damage they can cause. So now we have a bunch of people out only to have a good time hurting innocents. What kind of person has fun hurting people who not only agree with him, but had nothing to do with it? The misfits of L.A.

You've set back racism another 100 years. All the preaching and everything that Dr. King, Ghandi and Malcolm X taught was put on the shelf and ignored that weekend. Everything that the battle against racism has managed to accomplish is shattered...gone. We're back at the beginning again. I honestly believed that racism would have been conquered not long from now, but now I believe I will not see its end in my lifetime. Are you proud of yourselves?

I saw a tape on television. A man was dragged from the driver's seat, beaten, robbed and died in a hospital the following morning. Another group of cops? No. The situation was reversed. The tormentors were black and the victim was white. An eye for an eye. The only problem is this white man had nothing to do with the cops. Does this justify it? I think not. He got caught in the crossfire and it killed him. If you need your sweet revenge to feel like a "man," get the cops. I do not mean an officer standing on a street corner. Get the ones who did the beating. Even better sit down and shut up. Let American handle it. Give this country a chance as it has done for you. But, why hurt the innocents?

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 23.