Cold as Ice

By Marcus Pan

Walking in a storm of snow.
Which way am I supposed to go?
I've already made my choice.
I've chosen to move toward your voice.

I get there and I look around.
Your voice is gone, there is no sound.
Left me alone standing there,
As if you really didn't care.

Every time I try to pull you close,
My hand goes through like you're a ghost.
Why do you keep pushing me away?
What am I supposed to do or say?

Cold as ice!
Afraid to touch you, might get frostbite.
Cold as ice!
How long do you think I'll be paying this price?

Every time it begins to get bright,
You reach over and turn out the light.
You pull away and I lose grasp of your hand.
I'm left in the dark and I can't understand.

I keep searching for an answer to what I've done wrong.
I can't find one though I've searched so long.
You won't even look me in the face.
I'm running wild in a lover's race.

What kind of message must I send,
To bring you back to me again?
When will you stop moving away?
Is there anything I can say?

Cold as ice!
You're not being very nice.
Cold as ice!
You leave me standing in the darkest night.