Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Last Warrior Chapter 6

By Jaken Steele

When Janick and the others woke in the morning, they found themselves surrounded by a strange mist. They knew not what the mist was, but Tyran felt it in his elven blood. Evil was at work here. They packed up quickly, mounted their horses and began to travel what they hoped was northwest. They rode for two hours before coming upon a smoldering campfire. They stopped, realizing they had just traveled in one big circle.

Santo and Janick dismounted. Janick sat on the ground in disgust just as Santo spoke. "I have something that just might help us, dear brother."

"Well, unless you have some sort of magic amulet, I fear we'll never get out of this fog." Janick said.

"You," Santo said, "are not far from the mark."

"What are you talking about?" Mylos and Tyran asked in unison. Santo brought out a small pouch from his pack and opened it. He poured the contents into Janick's outstretched hand. In his hand were two gems; one of green, the other of pink.

"How will these help?" Janick asked.

"Well," Santo said, "It's a bit of a story, but we have the time. There are legends of seven gems of power. He who holds all of them has omnipotence. They are spread all over the land in the most vile of places. Only the strong of will and pure of heart can hold all seven of the gems." They looked astonished, but nonetheless they let Santo continue. "They are of different colors; green and pink are but two. The others are of red, blue, black, white and yellow."

"Are you saying," Mylos asked, "that they are two of those gems?" Santo nodded his head.

"But we have a small problem," he spoke.

"And what, pray tell, might that be?" Janick asked.

"The Zahn have three of the gems. And I fear they are going for the fourth." Santo said.

"Where?" Janick asked.

Santo replied with terror in his voice, "The Wastelands."