1,001 Masks

By Jaken Steele

MaskThe façade is so real it's natural
It's been used over and over
Handled too much and worn at the edges
Yet warm and tender like an old friend
I know not who I am
I wear 1,001 masks
Each mask is unique in itself
Yet they are all alike
They are all a part of me
I in turn exist through them
My masks leave scars on my soul
They burn holes in my heart
The child inside…the real me
Cries to be freed from his prison
He is a stranger to me now
He will always be a stranger to me
I continue on with my life
Surviving as best I can
Doing not what I want, but what I must
Never living with the peace I deserve
Never with the love that I need
I travel on as always…alone
I know not who I am
For I wear 1,001 masks