Fantasy & Sci-Fi


By Marcus Pan

They call her Mithra, because she is as tough as the strongest mithil-alloy steel. She heralds from the Icelands where the cold is terrible and the snow is deep. But she withstands such extremes, for she is a dweller here accustomed to such low temperatures. They say the gods led her to the peak of then northern mountains where, in an ancient cavern, she found her sword, shield and armor. They also say these items are magically empowered, but what is fact and what is rumor nobody knows.

The bear she calls Borill. She raised it from a cub and they have a special bond. One would die for the other. Not yet has it come to such, for they are a strong pair indeed.

She says she will wed any man who can beat her in fair swordplay. Many tried so the may call her beauty their own, and many failed. Her skill is immeasurable with a blade. So she roams alone, except for Borill, until a man can win her.

She is Mithra of the Icelands.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 24.