Just a day and a half later and all that remains to be done in this issue is the Table of Contents. I guess I just keep getting quicker…

Again I put out a plea to all…anyone who can draw anything please do so. Legends is in great need of illustrations. From doodles to finely-drawn full-page illustrations, please submit them. I no longer have any submitted artwork.

Now, on to next month. Jaken Steele's well-acclaimed fantasy series, "The Last Warrior," comes back with Chapter VII. Another poem of Steele's entitled "Alone," another pretty poem from our mascot, Gina-Marie, entitled, "Voices Calling." A humor piece called "Strictly Business" and a new essay from yours truly called "Future Free." Well, peace until next month children…


Marcus Pan
JANUARY 3, 1993
3:22 PM