Rants & Essays

Future Free

By Marcus Pan

Oracles, prophets, seers, readers...heed my warnings. Exert thy powers not where the future is concerned, for it is a weak strand of filament, like the spiders strand of web easily broken, hardly repaired. To meddle in the future events of the world is to bring down damnation, corruption, for it is precious and untouchable. By reading of the future and knowing of things to come, therefore exerting thy powers to change events that the world has not yet come to see, is to rupture the arch of time that binds all things together into order, slowly chipping away at the boundaries of oblivion. You may wreak great havoc upon the world. Changing a simple thing can cause great harm to the multiverse. A single, small, insignificant change can cause an unbroken line of corruption that can cause an upset in the balance and order of all. Like a snowball that slowly and casually gains momentum and begins rolling down the mountain, gathering speed and matter until it reaches a huge, problematic circumference and then hurls itself upon the innocent and unwary. A change, regardless of how insignificant it may seem to be, will have this same effect. Each change affects the next event which furthermore affects the next event until it snowballs into a sphere of corruption and chaos.

Time flows relentlessly on. Without its arch and hold, keeping back chaos, there would be nothing with which to measure everything. This flowing is strong enough to keep order, yet unable to resist the scrying glances of magick. Similar to a spider's web, flowing in all directions, ununiform and without a balancing stasis. And yet, like a spider's web, dangerously fragile. What is it a spider does when it's web is broken? It abandons it. Don't let time abandon us. Leave the future be. Leave the future free..

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 26.