Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Last Warrior Chapter 7

By Jaken Steele

The Wastelands. A place synonymous with evil, death and destruction. Many centuries ago a great battle between wizards and dragons took place and so the Wastelands were born. The only thing left standing in that god forsaken place is the ebony tower of the wizard Azrial Rajivek. One of the seven gems is said to be in the attic of the tower. The others are said to be in the heart of Carrion Swamp, the top of Dragon Mountain, the center of the Caverns of Death and the three ruins of castles Randor, Fadder and Kobain.

The gems represent the seven powers of the universe: order, chaos, love, hate, mind, soul and reality. The colors are: green, yellow, red, black, pink, blue and white respectively. Only one man has held all seven at once, and that man was the wizard Azrial Rajivek. He held omnipotence, yet absolute power corrupts the soul, so he thought it best to separate the gems. Only he and three others knew of the whereabouts of the gems. The other three were Kirkland Randor of Randor Castle, Jerimal Fadder of Fadder Castle and Lorien Kobain of Kobain Castle. The secrets of where the gems were hidden was thought to have died when they died, but knowledge breeds legends and legends live on forever. Now many knew of the gems' existence, but few knew of where the gems were hidden. Those that knew where the gems were hidden were not so eager to gamble with their lives to try to retrieve them. The few who were foolhardy enough to try for them lost their lives quickly, so none have found any of the gems…

until now.