Rants & Essays

Isolated World

By Gina-Marie

I once was alone, isolated in this little world where no one else existed but me.

There was no love, because I had no love. There was too much fear of reality coming to me, it came like a gust of wind that blew me away. I couldn't believe in myself, because I didn't care. I couldn't fight, because I had no strength.

One day I peeked into reality. I liked the love I saw. The love I thought I could have. So I decided to come into reality, and find that special feeling. I tried so hard, that the love failed. And I thought I did as well. I tried many times, but never succeeded. I asked myself, is it me? Does love really exist? Or is it only a fantasy.

Then as I was about to give up and turn back into my isolated world, I found you. Standing patiently. I tried to ignore you, but the feeling became stronger. It was a feeling so strong that I couldn't fight it.

I tried to turn away from it, but I couldn't, you pushed me closer. I started thinking, is this love, is this that special feeling I've been looking for…