Editor's Notes

There are no original works this issue. I guess you can call this our "reprint issue." Lots of laughs this month.

In case you didn't catch it at the bottom of the credits page, I can now be reached via my pager at (908) 558-5388. A P.O. Box address for Inferno Publishing is forthcoming. Anyone with a comment, of course, or a suggestion is invited to drop me a beep.

I'd like to take the time to welcome all my old players back to Albinor and my new ones into it. Some good game sessions have occurred in the past few days, so happy riding to Erric, Abel, Kathy, Jaken and to my soon-to-be-inducted player, Jim.

Well, without further adieu, I bring you


APRIL 29, 1993
5:44 PM
(908) 558-5388