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D&D: Only A Game?
Answer: Yes!
Part III

By Marcus Pan

This is the third, and final, installment of our retaliatory series…

I have been playing and running role playing games for a number of years now and I admit I am crazy. However, I have been crazy long before I even heard of RPG's. One of the writers for the Christian Life Ministries quoted this: "I've seen people have fits, yell for fifteen minutes, hurl dice at a grand piano when their character dies." So what? I've seen people hurl die-cast metal shoes at others when they land on Park Place (and believe me, those things hurt). Are you going to ban Monopoly too?

In another section they mention a phone call received by one of their members. It was about a young man who shot himself with his father's service revolver. Their evaluation of why was because he was "heavily involved in D&D for two years." They neglected to tell the following facts, which I learned from a friend who has seen this report: The boy's father was a drunk and a drug addict. His mother was thrown out of the house by his father. He regularly abused his son, and the boy was also a drinker and a druggie. The way I see it, D&D could very well have been the child's "gateway" out of his misery. Maybe, if not for D&D, he would have committed suicide much sooner.

And how about the psychiatrist who was quoted as saying: "If I had a child that tended toward schizophrenia, I'd never let him near D&D. There's a danger that it would reinforce feelings of grandiosity, of omnipotence. Reality and fantasy are hard enough for schizophrenics to differentiate..." Well, if I had a child like that, I wouldn't even let him play Monopoly.

And another item where two people were convicted of firing rounds into passing cars. They said they "constantly fantasized about killing someone." What does this have to do with D&D? These two made no reference to the game.

I have killed and been killed in D&D, yet I have yet to be convicted of a murder. Give all the facts, Christian Life Ministries.

I have said my peace…

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 3.