In Deepest Dark

By Mary Mayfield

In deepest dark,
Bereft of light,
Creatures creep and crawl;

As terror grows,
And Reason grows,
Imagination has a ball;

Beware, my friend,
Or find your end,
If you venture out this night;

Climb the stairs,
And say your prayers,
And softly turn out the light;

As shadows dance,
As in a trance,
Your fear becomes so great;

The wind, it moans,
And old boards groan,
And you lie awake till late;

At midnight hour,
Darkness power,
Catches you unawares;

And you hide your head,
For beneath your bed,
An unknown spectre stares;

In dawn's first light,
You lose your fright,
Until the night returns;

Until again,
Fears crowd your brain,
Is Your Lesson Learned?