Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Old One-Eye

By Marcus Pan

BorderHe who watches,
Over all.
Hear our call.

The gods have come,
To choose their lots.
And placed their ones,
In chosen spots.

They've cheated us,
Of land to dwell.
Give us space,
We'll rule this hell.

One-Eye comes,
With his great spear.
And strikes the world,
Brings on fear.

His eye has seen,
The gods they cower.
Before great Gruumsh,
Blackness power.

The spearhead hits,
The land it shakes.
Gouging the world,
Mountains quake.

We grow great,
We grow strong.
One-Eye's praise,
In our songs.

The elves will die,
Humans fall.
Gnomes will run,
And dwarves will crawl.

We've taken back,
What should be ours.
The world resides,
In orcish power.

The gods now see,
Pow'r we possess.
As they watch,
Their men laid to rest. Old One Eye