This brings issue no. 30 to a close. I hope you enjoyed it. Next issue my good friend Ace will have work on the cover as well as a full-page illustration inside. Jaken Steele brings forth two of his poems. Shadowrunner comes forth with a poem with the same title as one by Steele. And we will also run out the last poem by Gina-Marie (she won't be around anymore, unfortunately).

I'm hoping to find Steele again so that he can give me the continuing saga of "The Last Warrior." I may be forced to drop him as assistant editor if he continues to periodically drop into the shadows like he has been in recent months. Well, keep the work flowing in writers, poets and artists, and I'll see you next month.


MAY 31, 1993
1:38 PM
(908) 558-5300

Up the Ironz and

Fare thee well…