Pan's-Eye View - "Disappearing Act"

By Marcus Pan

This here, "Pan's-Eye View," is my newest addition to Legends. In this department I will discuss anything I feel like writing about, whether it be about Legends or not.

"Disappearing Act" is the name of this column. What disappearing act? Well, that one practiced by Jaken Steele, once the assistant editor of Legends and author of one of the most well-received series touted in Legends, "The Last Warrior."

How someone can take part in something as Legends and then drop into the shadows is beyond me. I met Jaken Steele a little over a year ago and since he has taken a great interest in Legends. In June of 1992, Legends' 17th issue, his "The Last Warrior" series proved to be nearly, if not just as, popular as my very own Albinor Chronicles. Strong enough to open a new world in this magazine, the series was used to formerly kick off both issues 17 and 18. But there was no clash between Albinor, my world, and his portrayed in the saga of Janick and the bickering Mylos and Tyran. The stories unfolded chapter by chapter as the months rolled on, and they did so together.

By issue 22, Steele displayed avid talent not only in fantasy, but in art, as his illustrations debuted in this issue and followed thereafter on the cover of 23. His involvement in Legends became nearly as profound as my own, and in December 1992's issue 23, he rose as assistant editor. I wrote then, in issue 22's afterword, "…he has shown the high levels of expertise, congeniality, interest and enthusiasm…" So I went out on a ledge and welcomed Steele into the world of Legends; not just as a visitor, but a resident.

Steele and I became close friends, tempered with travels and trials not many friendships would last through. Legends and DnD became our focal point and experiences shared together gave us a few bumps and bruises but left us with stories and thoughts we could share. Late night DnD games and the travels of the "Real Silent Collectors" kept us on the edge (not to mention profitable).

The times I have spent with my fellowman, compatriot and brother, Jaken Steele, I will never forget. Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" will forever ring in my head as our song. But, with the recent disappearance of Steele, it looks as if our adventure ended. With sorrow I bid farewell to my brother, Jaken Steele. Legends will miss your own brand of strangeness that melded so well with my own. Peace Steele..I love you, bro'…

Marcus Pan

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