Editor's Notes

Over thirty issues later and Legends is still moving! Do I rule or what?

We have some changes in the issue you now hold. First of all, we bring you Shadowrunner's first solo poem entitled "Love." A beautiful piece, I must say. Second, Gina-Marie brings another poem called "Games." This will be her final appearance in Legends, hence the "Kill the Kitten" on the cover. Third, and the biggest change of all, is the cutting out of Jaken Steele as assistant editor. See my "Pan's-Eye View" on page 4 for an explanation.

Also this issue we bring Ace's first attempt at a full-page illustration he calls "The Lycosa Raptoria." So, I must say as usual, enjoy the issue.

Stay in Elizabeth, Kitten…
For that's where street trash belongs!

JULY 11, 1993
2:28 PM