By Shadowrunner

Looking into the sea, a grand illusion forms.
In my mind's eye, I sail the open sea.
Enjoying the tranquility that the sea brings to me.
Quietly sailing the sea, only with you will I be content.
Quickly sailing away from here and into our private paradise.
Wind rushes through our hair, bathed by the sea's gentle spray,
and the few hours we spend together, eternity was never so close.
Quickly does the weather turn and our sails do retire,
as few overrules our hearts, we embrace to comfort each other.
Slowly we do ignore the few as we realize that we are safe,
here, in our paradise, for we are happy.
As the storm rages on, so does our courage,
and as the storm abates our actions do not.
Joy, as part of our soul, overwhelms us both,
and as eternity flows on, reality slowly dissolves our paradise.
We realize that we were spellbound by the greatest mage, Fate,
and the greatest illusionist, had cast its grandest spell on
you and I.
Allowing us the illusion of eternal happiness in which we
will always embrace, in our sailboat in the sea called…