By Jaken Steele

Living and dreaming in a world full of fear,
Playing with feelings that carried me here.
It seems all I do every day is cry,
The sun has darkened and the well has run dry.
Joy, pain, contentment, frustration,
Emotions I've felt through the years.
Yet no one knows the pain I feel,
Alone I suffer through the tears.
I've grown weary of the life I live,
Chilled to the bone I have no more to give.
Taunting my actions, rejecting my thoughts,
And so I sit by myself.
I'm only the shell of who I once was,
I've placed my heart on the shelf. Y
et in the basements of my soul,
And the attics of my mind.
I know the thing I need the most,
Is what I shall never find…Love.