I decided to close this issue with a laugh and a smile, so I ran some spacers on the last page. Another reason is I have consistently ended every issue with the Afterword until now and those close to me know my feelings about conformity.

Next issue will focus on humor. Personally I've been doing shitty, so I need a good laugh. Ace has a lock on the cover with his newest work so you can look forward to that. Mostly reprints will be seen, so I hope I made some good choices. I have a backlog of reprints so expect them to be plentiful in future issues in my attempts to run them out.

I'm still waiting on further chapters of "The Last Warrior." Let's pump some fantasy into this, here, magazine. After all, that's how it began…

Peace and fare thee well from the friendly Celtic…

Up the Ironz…



(hehehe…that's cool…)