It is Left to Your Heart

By Marcus Pan

I'd like to have another wish,
To spend it as I please.
But, alas, I've spent every one,
On a star and to the breeze.

My last spent wish, my best of all,
Brought you close to me.
But if I had just one more left,
I'd wish you'd never leave.

But I've used them up, every last one,
So I must trust to time.
Hope that in future days,
You will still be mine.

But I can not quell my thoughts,
Can't stop what's on my mind.
These helpless thoughts of losing you,
To the flowing sands of time.

Please, my love, do not be mad,
I believe in what you say.
But I can not read the future,
What's there may take you away.

I would be out of place,
If I did not have you.
Like a flower drooping on its stem,
Without its clinging dew.

I know I've said it all before,
You are probably tired of these words.
Maybe you think I've lost my mind,
And you think it sounds so absurd.

But I can't help but worry,
When you are not around.
Of who you're with, what you do,
And with what kind of crowd.

Don't be angry at me for this,
My jealous, selfish ways.
I just wish you were here with me,
Every moment of every day.

I don't have another wish,
I must leave it up to your heart.
Whether with me you will stay,
Or whether you might part.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 33.